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Investment plan Brasserie Lefebvre

It's been almost 2 years since works began on the Lefebvre Brewery. An ambitious investment plan was proposed. A year and a half later, where do we stand? ➢ The new kegging area is operational. It is able to extract 180 kegs per hour ➢ A new semi buried water treatment plant was established. It is designed to purify all waste water produced by the brewery, both in summer and winter, and thus absorb the load of the peak season. It would be able to clean up the pollution load of a village of 7,500 inhabitants. This investment has multiple purposes: The new plant uses significantly less energy and is therefore part of an economic and ecological approach. It also allows for limiting noises and smells. The next phase will be the construction of a new storage hall for the kegging area and loading docks. This investment plan will end with the rehabilitation of the former home of the brewers, where the new offices will be installed. More information coming soon!


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