Funky 33cl


6.6% Alc.

An evolving Brett Belgian IPA

This first Unplugged creation is everything you need: hoppy, blonde, but not just that! Dare the funky wild yeast (Brettanomyces) in this evolving Belgian IPA Brett, brewed with local grains and exotic hops.








  • Citrus
  • Bitter
  • Fruity
  • Yeast


Funky is the first Unplugged creation. With the arrival of Céline and Paul at its head, the Brewery has started a new chapter. Starting off on a blank page, we have decided that our knowledge and experience had to be put to use in order to brew differently; freely and without boundaries. The Unplugged spirit was born.

Unplugged contains several brews unlike others, exploring and experimenting all the layers in brewing, its leitmotif : “Freedom and creativity”. Driven by this attitude, we are ready to sail into uncharted waters, to experiment. We dare to believe that what inspired us will excite you!

Brewed secretly to celebrate Philippe Lefebvre’s 65th birthday, the 5th generation of our family brewery, this “from children to father” blonde is truly unique, embodying the know-how of the father and the dynamism of the children. Initially marketed as “Funky Brett”, in reference to the wild Brettanomyces (Brett) yeasts used in its brewing, and the funky notes developed by them, the beer will be renamed “Funky” in 2023 for a return to the product’s simplicity and funky-side.

An evolving Brett Belgian IPA:

  • 3-6 months: hoppy, fruity, strong bitterness
  • 6-12 months: funky, fruity, floral, integrated bitterness
  • 12-24 months: fruity, low bitterness
  • > 24 months: to be discovered…. if you can resist temptation for that long …
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Type of beer Brett Belgian IPA
Appearance Blond with a generous white head.
Aromas Balanced scent between notes of Brett (wild yeast), hops and spices.
Taste Evolving, the notes of white fruit/citrus and passion fruit/apricot will gradually give way to the funky notes developed by Brettanomyces yeasts.


  • Bouteille Steinie 33cl 11,2 fl.oz.

Beer pairing

Fish and chips

Main courses

Fish and Chips, fish burger



Maroilles, Munster

Cheese cake


Cheese Cake

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