Ana Hop 33cl

Ana Hop

0.4% Alc.

A low-alcohol-hoppy beer

Who is Ana? Acronym of Almost No Alcohol, Ana shines by her hoppy-spicy character. She is a sassy, tasty blonde full of modernity.








  • Thirst-quenching
  • Fruity
  • Hoppy


She is an unconventional eco-friendly buddy with a true sense of right and wrong. Always looking to the future and proud of her roots, she consistently displays a high level of wisdom. This philosophy is reflected in a strong commitment to local and sustainable development, along with eco-design.

And with modernity comes a new age! So, to celebrate Céline Lefebvre’s 40th birthday, the sixth generation and first woman to head the brewery, Ana invited herself along to the party! Let yourself be seduced by this badass, as surprising as she is explosive, who joins the Unplugged (by Lefebvre) family.

Know more
Type of beer Low alcohol beer
Appearance Blond with a generous white head.
Aromas Strong nose with hop aromas of exotic fruit and citrus, and smoky fermentation aromas with hints of white fruit and clove.
Taste Citrus flavors combined with hints of cereals and spices. Its freshness comes from the balance of acidity and bitterness. Nice, durable aftertaste.


  • Bouteille Steinie 33cl 11,2 fl.oz.

Beer pairing

Pates Saumon

Main courses

Pasta, fish, grilled meats



Brie, Époisse

Tarte Tatin poir


Tarte Tatin, fresh fruit

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