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  • Does beer make you put on weight?

    This issue has been debated since the dawn of time... Until now, no study has highlighted the link between a moderate and regular beer consumption and weight gain. Compared with wine and sodas, beer is rich in carbohydrates (especially fruit beers), proteins, vitamins and minerals, is relatively low in calories (40 Kcal per 10cl), which is less than wine (55 Kcal) and soft drinks (60 Kcal). One thing is for sure: it’s all in the proportions, and keep in mind that a beer brewed with knowledge is best enjoyed with wisdom!

  • What is the difference between an Abbey beer and a Trappist beer?

    Abbey beers are high fermentation beers. Some are brewed by monks in an abbey, others are brewed in breweries. You should know that in most cases, old abbey recipes are still used. An abbey beer must meet the following criteria:
    ● There must be a link with an abbey which still exists or has existed
    ● Royalties must be paid for funding charitable or cultural works to preserve the cultural heritage of the abbey, or an institution linked to the abbey if it no longer exists
    ● The abbey exercises a right to control advertising.
    The origin of the 'Trappist' beer comes from 'La Trappe', a French abbey where the Trappist order was created. The appellation is protected, and a beer is regarded as Trappist when it meets the following criteria:
    ● Brewing must occur within a Trappist monastery.
    ● The beer must be brewed by Trappist monks, or at least under their supervision.
    ● Profit must be distributed primarily for charitable and social works.

  • Wat are optimal storage conditions for beers?

    Beer bottles are best stored:
    ● Standing: this is particularly true in the case of high fermentation beers. This will allow the yeast to stay at the bottom of the bottle.
    ● In a cool place: such as a cellar or garage. Beers kept at high temperatures may age prematurely.
    ● In a dark place: in order to not affect the flavour of the beer...

  • Is a stale beer unfit for consumption?

    A beer does not expire. However each beer will develop characteristics which are specific. For example, a Hopus Primeur should be drunk young to taste all the subtleties of the 6th hop, which is added cold.
    If a beer is kept in an optimal way (see point 3) and if you use a relevant beer (a complex brown beer is ideal, such as the Floreffe Prima Melior), then the result may be surprising. Your beer will give off light maderised notes.

  • Is it possible to visit the Brewery?

    For reasons of security and hygiene, there are no more visits at the Brasserie Lefebvre.
    You can buy our products at the brewery Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5.30pm.

    However, the Rebecq tourist office invites you to visit the beer museum. History of the brewery, products, old equipment, everything is there for the pleasure of your eyes!

    Right next to the beer museum, you will be able to taste our products at the Moulin D'Arenberg.

    For more information, you can contact the Rebecq tourist office:
    Syndicat d'Initiative de Rebecq asbl
    Rue Docteur Colson, 8
    1430 Rebecq
    Phone: +32 (0)67-63 82 32
    Fax: +32 (0)67-67 02 53
    Email: si.rebecq@skynet.be


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