Barbar Blonde 33cl

Barbãr Blonde

8% Alc.

A special blond beer with honey

Barbãr Blond is a deep blond beer brewed with a blend of barley malt and soft wheat. Elegant and thirst-quenching, it offers a fruity nose with a touch of honey.








  • Thirst-quenching
  • Fruity
  • Honey


An original beer with honey, Barbãr has its origins in the Cervoise beer of our ancestors, who called it “Repos du Guerrier” (“Warrior’s Rest”). 

For many years now, we have been choosing to source our honey locally. Our goal is simple: to relocate 100% of our sourcing in Belgium. By 2023, no less than 10 tons of honey, or 30% of our annual requirements for our Barbãr, will be produced by Beelgium bees. Through this early support, the Lefebvre Brewery aims to help this sustainable enterprise grow. To this end, we are working with them to set up a fair payment scheme for their honey, and are committed to respecting the quality and quantities available.

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Type of beer Blond beer with honey
Appearance Deep blonde beer with a creamy head.
Aromas Fruity nose with honey aromas. Bouquet of floral, spicy and citrus notes.
Taste Sweet, with a nice roundness and no bitterness. Nice length on the palate, with no bitter aftertaste. An original, thirst-quenching beer.


  • Bouteille Steinie 33cl 11,2 fl.oz.
  • Bouteille 75cl 25,4 fl.oz.
  • Fût 15L 3,96 gal.
  • Fût 30L 7,92 gal.
  • Fût ONE WAY 20L 5,28 gal.
  • Fût ONE WAY 30L 7,92 gal.

Beer pairing


Main courses

Risotto, white meat

Fromage de chèvr


Goat cheese, fresh cheese




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