The Team

More than a team, a family

The Family


An amazing picture! This picture features the 4th generation (Pierre Lefebvre), the 5th generation (Philippe Lefebvre and Ann Sunaert), the 6th generation (Paul and Céline Lefebvre), and the future 7th generation (Sacha, Achille, Elias and Victor)…

No need to worry, the future is assured!

The Executive Team


  • From left to right:
  • Xavier Tournet: Commercial Director.
  • Peter De Lausnay: Export Director
  • Gilles Guezou: Site Director

While we all have different backgrounds, we share one desire: in collaboration with the family, we aim to develop the right strategy in order to offer you the best quality beers!


The Management Team


  • From left to right:
  • Gisèle Hautenauve: Administrative Manager
  • Olivier Dolens: Logistics Manager
  • Rémy Mathot: Quality Manager
  • Carlier Jean-Yves: Bottling and Kegging Manager
  • Stéphane Pennewaerde: Maintenance Manager
  • Cécile Fontaine: Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Not on the picture:
  • Gaëtan Van den Broeck: Brewing and fermentation Manager
  • Chris Ruter: Bottling and Kegging Manager

A young and cohesive team.

Our common point: As we work for a brewery, we all volunteer to work even more when we get home!

The Commercial Team


  • From left to right:
  • Valérie Vermeersch: Flanders Regional Manager
  • Stéphane Van Osselt: Wallonia – Brussels Regional Manager
  • Philippe Dumont: France and Switzerland Regional Manager
  • Christophe Pletinckx: Wallonia Regional Manager
  • Femke Aubroeck: Flanders Regional Manager

Don’t know us yet? We don’t want to brag about it, but we are quite unique! The five of us cover the whole of Belgium, France and Switzerland…

The Team


We are a young and dynamic team. In total, 44 people are working together to provide you with the quality beers you like!

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