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Belgian Kriek

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Blend of white beer and cherry juice, Belgian Kriek is a fruity beer with the color of passion red.
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Spécificités: Combination of white beer and cherry juice
Taux alcool: alc. 3,5% vol
Ingrédients: Water, cherry juice (15%, EU and non-EU), barley malt, wheat, fructose-glucose syrup, cherry aroma, acidifier: lactic acid, hops, yeast, carbon dioxide
Allergènes: Barley malt, wheat
Beer type: Fruity
Specificities: Traditional light beers

Belgian Kriek is a fruity beer presenting a harmonious mixing of white beer and cherry juice offering a delicate but bright red color. It is a beautifully balanced beer which earned the sweetest of nicknames: “Mon Amour”.

Belgian Kriek reveals aromas of fresh cherries enhanced by woody notes from the pulp of the fruit. It has a slight acidity, but this is offset by a sweet flavour, with no aftertaste. The cherry is very present but does not mask the aromas of the white beer.

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