Haven’t you ever dreamed of turning tables, to shout out to the world who you are? Haven’t you ever had that crazy feeling of wanting to do the things you couldn’t because of lack of time or because you were overwhelmed by a daily routine ? Haven’t you ever just dared to be yourself ?

With the arrival of Céline and Paul at its head, the Brewery has started a new chapter. Starting off on a blank page, we have decided that our knowledge and experience had to be put to use in order to brew differently; freely and without restraints. Unplugged was born.

Unplugged is several brews unlike others, exploring and experimenting all the layers in brewing, its leitmotiv : “Freedom and creativity”. Driven by this attitude, we are ready to sail into uncharted waters, to experiment. We dare to believe that what inspired us will excite you! We brew our beers the way we like to share them, because our biggest pleasure is being the source of your greatest celebrations.

We won’t change your life, but we can only encourage you to express yourself and let the world see who you really are. Be unstoppable, go wild, refuse to comply. Follow us and adopt our new lifestyle and philosophy. Unplug yourself !

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