Degustation Beer

Barbãr Rouge

Red - Swingtop bottles

8% Alc.

Topped with a thin and refreshing head, and offering a slight purple colour, the Barbãr Rouge reveals a powerful cherry nose. This beer is gifted with strong aromas offering notes of honey, spices, plants and malt.

  • 33cl
    11,2 fl.oz
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The taste of Barbãr Rouge

Key properties
  • Body
  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
  • Acidity
  • Fruity
Key flavors
  • honey
  • spices
  • floral
  • fruity
Its history

The Barbãr Rouge’s palate is marked by its acidulous and fruity overtones. Just like Barbãr Blonde and Barbãr Bok, its soft crisp and generous body is conveyed by the use of soft wheat and honey, resulting in absolutely no bitterness. Cherry once again dominates the midpalate. The aftertaste is fresh, crisp and without post-bitterness. A surprising beer with 8% alcohol. Enjoy your tasting!  


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