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Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée

Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée

Offering a pink grapefruit shade, Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée has a delicious nose of red fruits (raspberries, cherries, blackcurrant, currants) and vanilla. Offering a slightly tangy and delicately sweet taste, this is a refreshing and surprising beer.

Brewed like our traditional Blanche de Bruxelles, it is first the fresh milled coriander and orange peel that give it freshness and personality. While our homemade yeast brings delicacy and fruity notes. Black carrot juice is added for the color, followed by a hint of sugar and an aromatic note to get the final result. As with all of our beers, we do not use any sweeteners.

Light and fruity beer, Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée is also suitable for creating beer cocktails. Here is a sparkling suggestion for a surprising aperitif:
– 16cl Blanche de Bruxelles Rosée
– 4cl Tequila
– 2cl Rose syrup
– Lime

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