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Floreffe Double

Floreffe Double

Floreffe Double is a dark abbey beer revealing sumptuous red highlights. It emphasizes aromas of coffee, chocolate, and liquorice topped with a touch of aniseed and white fruits. Its unique spice aromas will be strongly dominant once served cold, while when served at cellar temperature, they will give way to toasty biscuit notes.

Did you know that Floreffe Double served as the basis for the brewing of Cuvée 900, a Cuvée Spéciale brouwed in limited quantities on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of Floreffe Abbey?

This tasting beer offers a pronounced character which is enhanced by infusing its spices in Cognac. The result is a complex yet balanced beer with aromas of caramel, cinnamon and cloves, complemented by a light touch of honey.

Discover it and taste it while supplies last.

Go to the brewery shop (Quenast) or Floreffe Abbey.

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