Advent Calendar Day 24



To conclude this travel of 24 days, we propose to you our latest creation from our Unplugged range: Dikkenek. With its exotic touch and its local malt from regenerative agriculture, this thirst-quenching IPA is the Belgian spirit concentrated in a bottle ; Enjoy it fresh with friends! It differs from a traditional IPA by the use of specifically Belgian yeasts, which gives it more complexity and a subtle balance between malty, fruitiness and hoppy notes.

Dikkenek is a tribute to Belgicism! For inspiration, we didn’t look far! The Dikkenek spirit is Jean-Claude Vandamme for muscles, Arno for casualness, Daan for eccentricity, Xavier Malisse for the Flemish playboy, Brel for poetry, Stromae for the new generation, François Damien for off beat humour, Eddy Merckx for tenacity, Benoît Poelvoorde for straight-talk, Pascal Duquenne for insouciance, Annie Cordy for happiness, Eden Hazard for daring, grand JoJo for the late evenings farandoles… Only of the Belgian Spirit !


Be part of the Belgian Spirit, dare this Dikkenek IPA and be a legend every day !

We hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did preparing this advent calendar for you. We wish you a holiday season as daring as unplugged. Happy new year!
See you next year,
– Team Lefebvre –



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