Advent Calendar Day 2

Manneken Pils

Manneken Pils

With its striking brilliant golden colour and firm head, it presents a delicately malted floral nose.

By concentrating its expertise, without ostentation or fuss the Brasserie Lefebvre proves with its Manneken Pils that a good beer should not owe its success to the strength of its marketing.

Serving a beer is an art. Here is how we do it.

Low fermentation beers served cold should be poured into a cold glass. After rinsing in clean fresh water, hold the glass against the light. If the water drips off the glass evenly without forming any rings, then the glass has been correctly cleaned. It should then be allowed to drip dry. Then take a bottle from the refrigerator, clean it and remove the crown cap. During serving, keep both the bottle and the glass at an angle without them touching each other. Pouring can be done with some flourish but do not let the beer gush out of the bottle. At the half-way point, return the glass to an upright position and continue pouring. Allowing the foam from a draft lager to run over is acceptable. Take the beer skimmer, shake off and skim off the large air bubbles at a 45° angle to the edge of the glass. Skimming off can be done differently but whatever way is used large air bubbles and excessive foam should be removed. They must at all costs not end up in the beer glass. If the beer runs over, clean the outside of the glass.

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