Advent Calendar Day 16

Rouge de Bruxelles

Rouge de Bruxelles

Here is another exclusivity of this advent box: La Rouge de Bruxelles.

Brewed from a blend of the best malts and soft wheat, Rouge de Bruxelles offers a magnificent purple color. The fruity aromas combine elegantly with those of ripe cherry, to offer an original and complex bouquet.

We have chosen to fill it in cans rather than in bottles. Completely recyclable and 25 times lighter than a bottle, it is the ideal packaging to showcase our know-how abroad but it is not technically applicable to all types of beer. In Belgium, the returnable bottle system works very well and is therefore just as sustainable. The circularity of packaging is a major issue that must be handled seriously, right up to the end consumer. So don’t forget to throw this can with the others in the dedicated bag.


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