Advent Calendar Day 15

Kriek / Saison glass

Kriek / Saison glass

Saison 1900 and Belgian Kriek share the same glass, available in both sizes 25cl and 33cl, decorated to the image of the Lefebvre Brewery. They are both so-called top fermentation beers.

We distinguish high fermentation beers from low fermentation beers according to the type of yeast used during the brewing. For high fermentation, “Ale” yeast, active at high temperature (around 20 ° C), is used. Ale beers are more alcoholic and have a higher aromatic complexity.


– Serving a high fermentation beer –

We advise serving the high fermentation beers at the temperature indicated on your advent calendar (Saison 1900: 6 – 8 °C, Belgian Kriek: 1 – 4 ° C). Serving beers at too high a temperature will result in a bitter taste. After rinsing, dry the glass with a synthetic shammy leather suitable for glasses. High fermentation beer is best poured at the table. Hold the glass vertically and carefully pour the beer into the glass until a nice head is obtained. Leave about one quarter in the bottle to get some foam on the beer at a later stage. Refermentation beers undergo a second fermentation in the bottle. This type of beer has to be poured in one go, leaving 1 cm of residue in the bottle. When the glass is nearly full, you may pour the beer at a higher angle to obtain some foam. The foam should not be allowed to run over and the residue should not end up in the glass! However, when it comes to serving beer, everyone has his own preferences.


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